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Monday, 19 August 2013

Leopard Nearly Escapes From Zoo Aberystwyth

Feeding time at the zoo in Borth,Aberystwyth, Zoo keeper forgets to close the door of the leopards enclosure. Leaving 20 terrified onlookers running from the area.
The 67 year old keeper/owner retired immediately from his position with a view that had it of been another employee they would have received immediate dismissal.
This is one of the situations that lead me to anticipate big cats leopards or lynx could be on the loose in the UK. These accidents do and will continue to happen.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Beast of Trowbridge Debunked

Big cat researchers looked at this picture in the dailymail reference above link , most were in agreement that it looked like a dog. My first thought was a black German Shepherd x Labrador.
At this point I dismissed the article in the dailymail, as looking from any angle at this picture, this still remained a dog in my opinion.
The day hadn't even come to an end when an article appeared on another researchers group which I cross posted with their consent.
Please feel free to take a close look at it.
This picture is from a cam photo dated March 2007 Michigan
Please note it is the same as the picture in the newspaper only facing right to left

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Panther Sited Tregony

Received tonight.Message left on voicemail...

. ''Hi I think iv'e I seen a huge panther walking into the woods on the A3078 last evening. I was parked up with my boyfriend and we seen a big panther limping across a field an in to the woods''
This was received this evening from and anonymous caller who withheld their number but wanted someone to call back..
This is the Tregony area of Cornwall. It may be a hoax call or may not. Should anyone else sight a cat that they believe to be a Panther in this area. Please contact me.

Do not approach the cat. If it is injured it will be dangerous

Picture represents size guage of a black leopard colloquially named black panther.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Panther Sighting Norwich Norfolk

Was a Panther spotted in Norwich, Norfolk.

A large deer was found savaged near a camping club in Norwich and people thought that a big cat may have been responsible after a big black cat was reported as seen in the locality..

Lynx are they still roaming in the UK

For years people have reported what is believed to be sightings in the UK of cats that resemble the European Lynx. The lynx were deemed to have become extinct in the UK over 1500 year ago. However their is increasing reason to believe that their maybe small pockets of these very elusive cats hiding in obscure areas throughout the UK. Hopefully signs of this will immerse in the near future. January-April is the usual mating season and the girls will start to call for a mate...Should you be interested. Please familiarize yourselves with these calls perhaps you may hear them coming from a wood near you.

Sound of a lynx....http://www.soundboard.com/sb/Lynx_rare_wild_cats

Sounds of Mountain lion Puma...

Bobcat Tracks...http://www.bear-tracker.com/bobcat.html

Their are 4 recognised Lynx caterogories but several sub species lynx that have not been given their own status or fallen into a true category. The Balkan lynx being one of the lynx groups. This sub species lynx is already nearing extinction along with the Iberian lynx.
Please visit link below for other interesting information on the lynx types.


I am trying to collate any information possible on these cats whether it be modern or ancient history.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any thing you feel may be of interest, proof,evidence,newspaper clippings, banner prints, pictures of old coins or just hearsay.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Big Cats And Exotic Animals When Wild Beasts Walked The UK

This is a brief overview within the Exotic Pet trade during and originating from the Victorian Era in the UK. When Wild Beasts Walked The UK

For people that still do not beleive that exotics may be freely roaming the UK countryside, click link below for the brief overview

google map cornwall

The Wild Cat Club

The Wild Cat Club
Helping to Save the near Extinct Iberian Lynx By Educating the Public of Their Status